HazMat stands for HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, also called Dangerous goods.

Hazardous Materials are gases, solids, or liquids that might harm people, other living beings or organisms, nature or property.

"Hazardous Material teams" are the personnel specially qualified and prepared to handle Hazardous Materials, which include radioactive substances, inflammable substances, explosives, corrosive agents, oxidizing agents, suffocating substances, biological, toxic, pathogens, and allergens.

In the United States Hazardous Cargoes are more commonly known as Hazardous Materials, (abbreviated as HAZMAT or HazMat).

MIC Brokers Group, Inc., is a company specialized in legal logistics in the field of documentation, handling, inspection, loading, transportation, and treatment of Hazardous Materials.

We are certified for the elaboration of the legal documentation (DG/IMO) and to submit to the relevant customs’ authorities, both globally and in the United States of America, since there is a universal code for the handling of Hazardous Materials which is UN.

We specialize in repackaging, tagging, consulting, personnel training, storing, and Multimodal transportation of Hazardous Materials.

Our logistics team is available 24/7, willing to assist you with all the due guarantees that the topic deserves.

MIC Brokers Group Inc., offers training courses  as stated in the Hazardous Materials Regulation of the IATA, OACI, 49CFR of the United States of America, in their Companies’ facilities, all around the world. We are specialized in the teaching and training related to Hazardous Materials. (Courses given in English and Spanish).

We have the support of a wide experience and knowledge on the field, and equally important, we stay up to date on regulations and norms which are always constantly changing.

Our training courses are designed for:

  • Adaptability of Air Lines, Load Customer Services and Sales Personnel
  • Loading Personnel Operations, Customer Services and Sales Personnel
  • Shippers/Manufactures
  • Packers

The training courses are given by renowned professionals whose priority is security and the upholding of the regulations.

Once finished, the participants in our training courses will have enough knowledge, formation, and information necessary for the proper handling, storage, and transportation of Hazardous Materials.

Information on future training courses and the application form. Print, fill in and send to our e-email: